Baby Dedication

We see that Baby Dedication is as much about the parents as it is about the child. As Christian parents who dedicate a child, you are making a promise to the Lord to do everything within your power to raise your child in a Godly way, prayerfully, until he or she can make a decision on his or her own to follow God.  Some of your responsibilities include teaching and training your child in God’s Word, demonstrating an example of Godliness, disciplining according to God’s ways, and praying earnestly for your child.

I look forward to serving you in this joyous occasion!

Child Baptism Consent Form

Love First Christian Center is committed to helping adults and children establish and develop relationships with Jesus. We also recognize that parents are often the primary spiritual influence in their child’s life. Because of this, a signed parent/guardian consent form is required when a minor aged 18 or younger is water baptized at Love First Christian Center.

PopUp Church Request Form

If you are sick and shut-in and would like to request a PopUp church visit please use the form below.

Jennifer Newman Memorial Scholarship

In remembrance of Ms. Jennifer’s great service to the Kingdom of God and His people, it was with special honor that the Love First Christian Center (L.F.C.C.) 3rd Annual Anniversary Committee established Jennifer Newman Memorial Scholarship Fund in 2011. Ms. Jennifer sowed the first seed to open the doors of L.F.C.C. in 2008. That sowed seed is bringing harvests that will be reaped for generations to come. The Jennifer Newman Memorial Scholarship Fund was established to provide financial grants to students pursuing their academic goals. The Memorial Scholarship Fund is supported by tax-deductible contributions made by individuals, groups, and corporate sponsorships.

2022 Graduation Submission Form

Parents and graduates of Love First, please use the following form to submit the name of your graduating senior(s). Be sure to have your submission in by Wednesday, June 1, 2022.

Love First Announcements Form

Ministry heads and small group leaders please use the following form to submit an announcement for church news. Be sure to give at least 3-4 weeks notice.

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